Are Facebook Comments definitely worth the SEO Tradeoff

If you’ve paid attention in it slow on-line, you’ve most likely noticed that there area unit solely atiny low few ways in which to discuss a web log post. Some blogs disable comments entirely.with or while not a spam filter like Akismet put in. Some use Disqus to dynamically get all comments.

The importance & advantages of Facebook’s Comments Plugin

Facebook’s comments have some notable edges once used on your web log. For one factor, it’s improbably simple to put in on just about any web log. It also, clearly enough, comes with Facebook integration; users commenting on your page area unit additional probably to love your page moreover, since they’re already exploitation Facebook to act together with your web log.

When a user posts a discuss one in every of your posts, their comment usually shows au courant their Facebook wall. this may assist you generate some further organic traffic, because the friends of that user see the post and their friend’s comment. The user will value more highly to flip this off, if they don’t wish their comments created public, however not everybody will.

Facebook’s comments plugin additionally helps minimize spam and troll comments on your web log. Spam is cut just because you have got Facebook patrolling their account info and removing sender accounts and faux users. troll comments area unit decreased as a result of several would-be trolls area unit hesitant to create their inflammatory comments once their name – and probably data – is in public obtainable.

Using the Facebook comments plugin additionally offers you many configuration choices. you’ll use a duplicate of Facebook’s news feed, that analyzes the timeliness and engagement of your comments and organizes them in step with connexion. you’ll additionally organize comments in written record order, to stay the foremost temporally relevant comments on high.


Facebook has one notable issue, and that’s the SEO side of comments. Specifically, Facebook’s comments plugin is rendered in Associate in Nursing iframe that hundreds dynamically, out of synchronize with the remainder of your website. Facebook comments seem once a user scrolls to their space on the page, and that they show in step with your settings – from a user purpose of read. From the purpose of read of the programme, there’s nothing however Associate in Nursing empty box up place.

Well, that’s not strictly true. if truth be told, Facebook’s comments area unit absolutely visible to Google. The factor is, Google doesn’t like categorisation something in Associate in Nursing iframe and attachment it on to the positioning, as a result of Associate in Nursing iframe generally hundreds content from a special website entirely. during this case, the comments on your page area unit loaded from Facebook. Facebook is comparatively trustworthy, however in different instances of iframe usage, it’s usually abused.

So, as such, Google indexes few if any Facebook comments on a web log, by default. As way as Google worries, it’s going to moreover treat the comments section as a blank white box.

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There’s additionally a problem observed by Blind 5 Year previous, regarding comment name. Facebook is in a position to investigate the comments you create and may draw syntax, sentiment and that means from those comments. Further, they will trace the subject of the sites you created those comments on within the 1st place. Facebook may doubtless collate that information and verify organically World Health Organization area unit the foremost active public authorities in bound niches exploitation Facebook comments.

There’s plenty of potential, each to be used and abuse, with this a lot of data. Facebook has nevertheless to leverage most of it, however it looms, potential for the long run.

The Solution to the SEO downside

If you were to experiment, you may realize that once you perform a pursuit for the content of a comment left via Disqus, you’d see that the comment is indexed absolutely by Google and leads back, to not some Disqus hub, however to the page the comment was denote on. Disqus dynamically hundreds constant method Facebook’s comments do, in Associate in Nursing iframe. What makes Disqus special, whereas Facebook is left behind in indexing?


The answer is that Disqus could be a third party with full management over their info of comments. They use this management to make a foundation in on their comments.It’s put aside during a info. The plugin displays it usually for users, however it additionally creates Associate in Nursingd populates an invisible hidden div behind the comments plugin.

This sort of hidden text is often a large negative serious warning call for Google. activity text and displaying it just for the search engines could be a black hat technique and may earn your website a manual penalty. However, that’s generally only if the content displayed is completely different than the content on the page for users. within the case of Disqus, the content of the comments is that the same for users within the iframe and for the search engines within the div. Google, of course, is wise enough to acknowledge that this is often not a shot to game the search engines; rather it’s a shot to create the search engines synchronize additional with the particular content and show of the page.

Facebook doesn’t do any of this mechanically. fortuitously, you’ll force it to try to to one thing similar

PHP for resolution issues

When this issue 1st came up, Associate in Nursing engineer claiming to be a part of the Facebook platform discharged some PHP code into the wild. The code will be found here, in supply file kind. you’ll use this code to attract and make a info of the info found within the Facebook comments. This includes profile image, name, date and time of the comment, and also the comment content. you’ll see a sample of the info it compiles by exploitation the check started by that very same engineer here.

You can’t simply throw this code onto your facet and let it’s, however. you wish to line up the code to show inside a hidden div, almost like however Disqus works.

Note: exploitation scripts like this, notably inside hidden divs, will be dangerous. several black hat techniques do constant factor, and if you begin doing one thing with those scripts aside from helping the programme, you’re progressing to run into penalties and issues. watch out with what you implement.

So, to come to the question within the title. is that the Facebook comments plugin definitely worth the SEO tradeoff? the solution is mostly affirmative, with one caveat. It’s entirely up to you whether or not you utilize the Facebook comments plugin or Disqus. Facebook offers additional social integration and edges, however needs additional configuration.Disqus is way additional probably to only work.