how can you get more twitter follower

Twitter don’t limit the number of followers you. You will be able to have. However, they are doing monitor how sharply users follow different users. Twitter try and ensure that none of their limits restrain reasonable usage, and can not affect most Twitter users.
They monitor all accounts for aggressive following and follow churn (repeatedly following and un-following giant numbers of different users).Aggressive following is defined as indiscriminately following hundreds of accounts simply to garner attention. However, following many users if their accounts seem fascinating is normal and is not thought of aggressive. the principles about aggressive following and follow churn still apply. in addition, each user will follow 2000 individuals total. Once you’ve followed 2000 users, there square measure limits to the number of additional users you\’ll be able to follow: this limit is totally different for each user and is predicated on your ratio of followers to following. individuals follow different users on Twitter to browse updates that square measure fascinating to them.Now a days twitter is hottest social web site for update thyself.But to be far-famed among different users you would like to followed by additional individuals.To get additional follower you\’ll be able to visit this web site.Buy twitter follower
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