How to Disallow New Tweet Notifications in Twitter

Twitter may be a fantastic platform for social engagement and SEO. It’s conjointly an excellent platform only for interacting with friends and followers. Anyone will build a following ANd become an powerful figure in their circles by exploiting Twitter. There’s only one downside, significantly once you become widespread. The notifications area unit all over. Before you recognize it, you’ll be flooded with notifications on your dashboard, in your email and on your phone. however does one set these to be less annoying however still effective?

Step 1: Log In

Obviously, before you’ll build one amendment to your Twitter settings you wish to log in. there’s one exception to the current, which can be mentioned later, except for currently, simply log in.

Step 2: head to Settings

In the higher right of your dashboard is that the gear icon, the universal internet icon for settings and configuration.There area unit variety of stuff you will amendment to contour your notification method.

Account: beneath Tweet Media, you’ll opt for whether or not you wish a warning before seeing sensitive media. For a business account, you may need this uncurbed, generally. For a private account, you’ll set it to your preference.
Security and Privacy: Here, if potential, you ought to alter phone confirmation. If you can’t use Twitter with a smartphone, this may facilitate alter that method, tho’ you’ll disable it later. Adding a phone is a further layer of security which will be valuable for a business account.
Mobile: This section are blank if you don’t have AN associated phone or the Twitter mobile app. If you are doing have those, you’ll see variety of configuration choices.This allows you to enable or disable mobile notifications. If you don’t need something to seem on your phone, disable all of those notifications. Otherwise, customise them as you want. One counseled setting is to alter simply the foremost vital metrics, like tweet responses and direct messages, whereas disabling notifications for retweets and follows.
Email Notifications: this can be wherever you’ll your configuration for emailed notifications. just like the mobile notifications, you’ll customise them in an exceedingly range of the way. If you allow everything checked, you will find yourself flooded with emails on a daily basis. you may possible need to disable updates from Twitter, some retweet data and a few of the tweet activity. Again, customise to your own needs.
Web Notifications: These area unit the notifications that seem on your dashboard once you’re actively victimisation the Twitter platform. you’ll most likely go away with effort these on entirely, as they solely seem once you’re victimisation the platform. That’s once you most ought to apprehend what’s happening, therefore it’s an honest plan to own them enabled.
Step 3: build Changes


Now that you just apprehend what settings may be found wherever, build the changes you want. You can, for instance, limit notifications to solely the dashboard itself. you’ll conjointly disable all mobile notifications, effort you with solely emailed messages. or else, you’ll disable emailed notifications to scrub up your inbox, and prohibit Twitter notifications to the rare, vital mobile notifications. the selection is yours and depends mostly upon however you utilize the platform.

Alternate Solution: Mobile Settings

If you have got a verified sign allotted to your Twitter account, you’ll amendment a number of your settings via an easy text message. the method may be a bit esoteric and tougher than victimisation the Twitter app, however needs solely a couple of moments of some time.

First, establish your Short/Long codes. Short codes area unit out there throughout the us, whereas long codes area unit needed for countries that don’t support short codes. Specifically, long codes area unit restricted and solely out there within the Britain, Germany and European country. For us users, the code is 40404.

To disable all mobile notifications, merely text the word OFF to 40404. ON is that the corresponding command to show all of them back on. to boot, you’ll tweak individual settings.

SET TWEETS OFF/ON: Disable or alter Twitter causing you tweets from folks you’ve enabled.
SET FAVORITES OFF/ON: Disable or alter notifications for once a tweet of yours is marked as a favourite.
SET FOLLOWS OFF/ON: Disable or alter notifications for once a brand new account follows your account.
SET MENTIONS OFF/ON: Disable or alter notifications for once a user mentions you or replies to 1 of your tweets.
SET MESSAGES OFF/ON: Disable or alter notifications for once you receive a right away message through Twitter.
SET RETWEETS OFF/ON: Disable or alter notifications for once a user retweets one in all your tweets.

With the primary possibility, you’ll be {able to} set that users area unit able to tweet to your phone and that don’t seem to be. merely victimisation the OFF/ON command with the username, minus the @, can amendment notifications per user. for instance, “OFF Stephen” can disable notifications from the @stephen account. watch out to depart off the @ image, as an alternative Twitter can take apart your command as a tweet directed at that account, instead of a setting amendment.

In fact, you’ll do everything you’d usually on Twitter through a text message, if you therefore opt for. It’s not counseled, however, because the SMS interface is unwieldy and therefore the smartphone app is out there. If you’re still interested, or would like the commands in form.

FOLLOW and UNFOLLOW with a username, once more missing the @, can follow or unfollow that account.
LEAVE [username] can disable notifications and tweets from that username, very like the OFF command.
STOP/QUIT/END/CANCEL/UNSUBSCRIBE/ARRET area unit all commands that may take away your mobile range from your account. If you’re AN SMS-only user and have not touched the online interface, this may deactivate your account entirely.
@[username] can message any following text to it username as a public reply.
D[username] can message any following text to it username as a right away message. M works also.
RT[username] retweets the foremost recent tweet from that username.
You can conjointly use the SET command with variety of choices to vary settings and profile data. LOCATION sets your location field, BIO sets your custom bio data ANd PROFILE with an hooked up image sets that image as your profile picture. LANGUAGE sets your default language, NAME sets your profile name and computer address sets the web site you associate as your own. There area unit different commands also, enough to completely use the Twitter platform in an exceedingly rudimentary manner.