How to Tell If someone Bought Facebook Likes

For an extended time, once social media was growing however search engines had almost learned the way to monitor them properly and users were less discerning, it had been all concerning the numbers. Success on social media was having a high range of fans. The a lot of fans your Facebook page had, the higher off your business would be.

The advantages, even then, were nebulous. Google experimented with considering what percentage fans a page had so as to rank it, however it had been very little quite AN experiment. They complete what several businesses have come back to be told since; the quantity of fans may be a mostly invalid metric. If you have got a hundred,000 fans following your page, however solely a hundred of them area unit real folks, you will similarly not have a page the least bit.

So, for a jiffy, businesses were opting to buy massive numbers of fans to inflate the numbers on their page, creating them look a lot of legitimate and attracting real fans. At an equivalent time, several bloggers were writing concerning however this system was of some use, although of questionable ethics. Today, abundant of that recommendation remains printed, although it’s not valid. Some businesses, not knowing higher, still purchase likes. And, of course, several predatory services still sell likes, even knowing they’re not valid.

How are you able to tell if a business page purchased likes?

Examine variety Box

In the new Facebook page layout, variety box is that the high of the left column. It displays overtly the quantity of individuals UN agency just like the page, and on some pages, a star rating left by users reviewing the business. On its own, this info isn’t terribly useful in determinant if a page bought followers. you’ll be able to guess that alittle city dental clinic in a very town with a population of fifty,000 isn’t attending to have two hundred,000 likes, and if they are doing, one thing is clearly wrong. the $64000 insights come back after you click the box.

As a private user you’ll be able to see some basic insights a few page, although nothing careful. you’ll be able to see the quantity of individuals following the page in total, the quantity of likes within the last week, and a few terribly basic info concerning the fans.

For example, say you click on it community dental clinic’s Facebook page and you see that, even supposing they’re based mostly in Arizona and are mating alittle city, they need a large following based mostly in Asian nation. this is often a positive sign that they purchased followers. No legitimate community business goes to own AN audience massive enough within the geographic area to be the foremost engaged town, unless they’re truly based mostly within the geographic area.


If you’re lucky enough to catch the business right once they purchased likes, you will see a forceful spike within the weekly metrics. It’s unlikely that you’ll catch this, however. tiny spikes in traffic could also be caused by the beginning of a contest or the implementation of a brand new drive, so alone isn’t essentially a decent indicator.

Examine Post Engagement

This one may be a bit concerning numbers and alittle concerning the gut feeling you get once viewing a page. If you’re viewing a page for a business, which page has a hundred,000 likes, however solely has ten different comments, likes and shares for his or her posts, something’s up.

This happens as a result of the kind of fans you receive after you get followers. Most of the time, the accounts were created by robots and stuffed out with absolutely the minimum quantity of data necessary to form the profile look real once the protection settings area unit turned up. If they’re truly manned by humans, likelihood is chances are high that those humans are situated in Asian nation, India, China, Egypt or another such nation, wherever alittle quantity of cash from the us goes an extended approach. These users created dozens of profiles to leverage. The business pays an organization, that splits the money and pays a bunch of individuals in these countries, UN agency every use their stable of accounts to love the business.

Of course, it may be arduous to inform the distinction between a legitimate audience ANd an audience of robots once engagement on Facebook is low because it is. A legitimate audience of a hundred,000 would possibly solely offer one or two of comments, some dozen likes and a dozen shares.

That’s wherever the gut feeling comes in. There’s no thanks to tell if a given post has less likes than traditional based mostly merely on the numbers. Still, if the quantity of followers and therefore the engagement numbers appear too wildly disparate, it’s an indication to be cautious of the business and its audience.

Consider the Milestone Timeline

One of the information on top of mentioned catching a spike throughout the week once you’re trying, seeing once the acquisition of likes happens. this is often rare, however you’ll be able to still take into account the time and growth of the page. If a business started their page six months past and already has fifty,000 fans, what percentage of these fans area unit legitimate? It’s doable to grow a business page that quick, however the business typically must be established face to face and would possibly got to be a state-wide or national chain to attain such rise.

On a business page, you’ll be able to follow the timeline on the higher right of their feed. Scroll through it and see if they mention their growth or post concerning their milestones. It’s invariably doable that they need posts drooping dates for milestones, and if those dates area unit unbelievably approximate, it’s a serious warning call.


Sometimes, a business can place longer and cash into one social profile over the others. If they need a Twitter account similarly as a Facebook account, for instance, take into account viewing their Twitter followers. If they need an inexpensive five,000 followers on Twitter ANd an unreasonable a hundred,000 on Facebook, they may have bought Facebook likes while not taking note to balance.

If the numbers area unit an equivalent, you’ll be able to scrutinize their Twitter followers, that area unit alittle easier to work out as spam than Facebook followers. this is often mostly because of the very fact that you simply can’t dig through the followers list on Facebook to check something quite what variety box details. Twitter permits you to poke through them, however, which provides you an opportunity to check if a number of their followers appear as if faux accounts.