How to Use Twitter seek for Competitive analysis

Twitter may be a nice platform for promoting, however it may reveal lots of data regarding you and your business promoting strategy. you would possibly be shocked at what quantity info you’ll be able to study your competitors if you are doing slightly creating by removal and a few power.

Find Your Competition

The first issue you wish to try and do is establish your competition. you’ll be able to try this during a few ways in which.

Gather up a listing of familiar competitors from your web site and former promoting efforts. chances are high that you recognize many of your competitors, although you’ll not recognize all of them.
Run Google searches for your target keywords and your merchandise, still as your primary niche. realize the other businesses that are attempting to occupy those niches and add their names to the list.
Use social listening services to search out what users on Facebook and Twitter area unit spoken language regarding your business, your niche and your competition. you’ll realize different businesses this fashion.
Once you have got a listing of companies competitive with you in your niche, you wish to search out their Twitter accounts.

Visit their websites and poke around for social media buttons. If they need a Twitter account, they terribly possible area unit advertising it on their web site.
If you can’t realize it on their web site, run a Google seek for their business name and Twitter. you’ll be able to realize their account this fashion.
If you continue to can’t realize their account, they could not have one; you’ll be able to eliminate them from the list, or place them on another list to observe within the future.


The most public little bit of info you’ll be able to realize a few business through Twitter is, clearly enough, their tweets. Check what they’re doing once they tweet. area unit they promoting their products? area unit they sharing discounts? area unit they posting regarding their posts on different social media sites? area unit they sharing diary posts? area unit they replying on to followers? you’ll be able to raise and answer dozens of questions about their strategy. you’ll be able to even, if you’re feeling like recording statistics, return through their Twitter archive and compile metrics of however usually they post their own content, however usually they retweet different content and the way usually they reply to client interaction.

One issue to contemplate is however they gift themselves. Do they take a pixilated angle with comments and contests? Do they like a a lot of factual, perceptive strategy? Do they respond oft, or do they choose solely sure comments for reply? however the competition presents itself may be a sensible show of however they require their audience to ascertain them, and it will provide you with concepts for your own campaign.

Examine Their Followers

There area unit reaching to be 2 primary varieties of individuals following a business account, be it yours or your competitions. 1st are the most important cluster, the purchasers. These area unit the individuals you would like to draw in as a result of they get your product. Second area unit the companies partnering with or associating with the account owner. These partners will be valuable, however you terribly possible won’t be able to poach them from a competitor’s account.

It’s terribly straightforward to look at, through Twitter, everybody UN agency follows a particular account. this offers you a right away list of users you’ll be able to monitor for variety of reasons. you’ll be able to conjointly invest during a tool like Tweepi to ascertain a lot of elaborate info during a program.

Watch Mentions

You can run an enquiry through twitter for any time the competitor’s account is @mentioned during a tweet. this may provide you with a feed of any time a user says one thing they require the corporate to ascertain. Most of those messages area unit possible to be praise, thanks or simply a message to the user’s friends a few deal they found at the shop. you’ll be able to see several of the doable client service problems the corporate has, however, and that’s a valuable insight.

Identify trending successes; what’s the business doing right?
Identify trending failures; what area unit the foremost common complains?
Who is least satisfied? you’ll be able to reach intent on the individuals unhappy with the competition and provides them another choice.


What form of hashtags will your competition use in their marketing? you’ll see tags they produce for specific campaigns. you’ll conjointly see tags they need known as sources of potential conversions. These tags could also be helpful for you to focus on still, if you’re thinking that you’ll be able to offer some worth. you’ll be able to conjointly bear from those tags and appearance for similar tags with similar audiences to focus on.

If the competition is pushing a hashtag and meeting resistance, this conjointly might become a chance to make a counter-offer. produce a tag jabbing fun at their campaign and supply a deal to their unhappy users to draw them into your userbase.

Watch widespread Content

Some Twitter tools, like Topsy, can analyze a Twitter account and show you a report of the foremost widespread content. Specifically, it’ll show you what posts area unit shared most frequently and that receive the foremost retweets. this offers you another chance.

You can, as an example, analyze the content for what it brings to the table and do what it will, better. you’ll respond on to the content along with your own rebuttal. you’ll be able to conjointly see what content performs most poorly, and use it as a warning to remain clear.

This will conjointly provide you with to a small degree of insight into that posts the competition deems valuable enough to sponsor.

Once you’ve done your initial analysis, you’ll be able to started Twitter alerts to apprise you if one thing changes, like associate emended profile in one among your competitors accounts. this could provide you with an honest plan of once they roll out changes to their business or their promoting. This helps you be rather more responsive in your advertising and permits you to make the most their failures and blind spots.