Importance of facebook fanpage verification

Now a days social media sites such as facebook,twitter,linkdin,youtube,pinterest etc are very useful for any kind of online bussiness.Online bussiness depends on visitor and fans,cause those visitors are the buyer of any online products.So,at first when anybody open a online bussiness they need to become popular their social profile.Among them facebook fanpage verification is the main thing of attract visitor.When people look any fanpage they wants to know that is this fanpage real or scam.Facebook co. added a verify badge to real fanpage.As a result people can easily find which fanpage is real.So, to be popular on facebook need to create a fanpage,then need to collect fanpage likes. After complete those process the fanpage owner need to apply fanpage verification to facebook co.If the fanpage owner submit all the document properly to facebook, hope their fanpage will be verified within 1 month.Contact here for more details.