Anti-Fraud Verification / Send ID – What does this mean?

If your order is detected by our systems as suspicious, you will need to verify your identity by alternative means. This is to ensure the safety of our customers, and prevent fraud.What does this mean? If your order is found to be suspicious, or you fail the telephone verification, we will ask you to send us a picture or scanned image of a document that shows your Name and Address. The name and address on your identity documents should match the billing details on your order.

What must I do?
1. Confirm in your reply to our Anti-fraud email that your order is valid and authorized and that you will not dispute it.

2. Send a scanned image or photograph of a document (Driver’s License, Utility Bill, etc) that has your name, Zip Code/Postcode and phone number printed on it. Please also write ‘BuyRealLike’ or today’s date on a piece of paper with it. This is to prove that the photo is real.

Letters with your address on it will NOT count as proof of ID. You must send a valid form of identification.

We take the privacy of our customers very seriously. You are more than welcome to blank personal information from the photograph. It’s just the name and address that we need to match up with your order.

What can you remove from the Identification:

Birth Date: YES
Identification Number: YES
Expiration date: YES
Picture: YES
Name: NO
Address: NO

You are more than welcome to cover your picture, ID number and any private information as we only need to see your name and address.

Where should I send this information?
The image should be clear and readable. You are to use the highest resolution available on your camera or scanner. (Maximum 3 MB). Send it as an attachment, in reply to our Anti-Fraud email that we sent you for fastest processing.

Why does the BuyRealLike staff ask for this information ?
In order to prevent fraudulent purchases.

What kind of frauds can occur?
Sometimes, hackers use stolen credit cards or paypal accounts. Since this is virtual money, the only way to use this money is spending it on an online store.

If we approve an order from a hacker, the real owner of the credit card or paypal account will detect a fraud payment from his credit card or paypal account. We then send all of the data to Paypal and the police. We are quite proud of the fact that in most cases, fraudulent payments made to BuyRealLike have resulted in a police arrest.

Will i need to do this every time I make a purchase ?
No, this is one-time-only verification and after an ID verification you will be a BuyRealLike verified user which means that any order placed will be automatically approved.

Is SAFE to send a picture or scan of my ID ?
YES, remember we ask you to cover your private ID number, picture and any other private info since we only need to see your name on the identification so you don’t have nothing to worry about. You already provided us with your name and billing address when you purchased from us!

If I don’t want to send this information, can i cancel my order ?
Yes just contact our support and we will refund the order, please take note that a fee will apply for cancelled orders.