What Is The unhealthy plan To Automating Your Facebook Page ?

Follow this train of thought for a moment:

You want to earn a take advantage of your website, thus you would like to create associate audience.
You need to create associate audience, thus you switch to social media.
You need to grow your social media presence, thus you would like to have interaction with users.
You need to have interaction with users, thus you would like to pay plenty of your time reading and responding to comments, victimization the page and usually being active.
You want to chop down on the time it takes to run your pages, thus you invest in automation.
This is a wholly affordable chain of thought, and solely the ultimate step has any potential for downfall. Is automation safe? What are you able to automatise, and what you ought to avoid automating? will automating hurt your website, search rankings or audience?

A summation of Automation

When it involves automating Facebook, there area unit a large form of belongings you will do. consider all of the tasks involved fixing and running a Facebook page.

Registering a profile.
Filling out a profile.
Posting links to diary content.
Posting standing updates.
Posting various different content.
Sharing posts.
Commenting on user posts.
Some of this you clearly don’t have any reason to automatise. as an example, fixing your profile is straightforward and needs a private bit. There’s no reason for you to undertake to automatise making a description; it might take longer to line up the automation than it might to simply write the outline yourself.

Some other tasks area unit straightforward to automatise and possibly ought to be machine-driven. Some others shouldn’t be machine-driven, though doing thus would prevent associate huge quantity of your time.

What to automatise


While some tasks need the human bit, a number of them don’t, et al may be delayed.

Post programming may be a massive one. you’ve got the human bit once you produce the post and prepared it for programming. Your diary post and your Facebook post area unit each human-created. the sole factor you’re doing is saving time by setting a delayed post action. this manner you don’t need to be signed on and actively browsing Facebook once you would want to hit the button to post. Write it, set it to be announce at the correct time, and march on to different tasks.

Of course, you ought to attempt to be on-line once your content is announce regardless. this is often thus you’ll be out there to reply to the primary few comments that show up. Some users can wait till you post content before they post their queries, since they assume if you’re posting, you’re on-line and active.

Sometimes, you would like to post an equivalent content many times, or easy variations on it content. as an example, if you’re encouraging users to use associate app, register for a giveaway or attend associate approaching event, you will need to make some continual posts for these. You can, as an example, produce time period price of continual posts during a day and schedule them to indicate up once per day. this protects you having to make them every day.

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You can conjointly automatise sharing your diary posts. It’s comparatively straightforward to line up a fast regular post to look when you post a brand new diary update. Of course, you’re about to need to form certain every of those posts is exclusive and valuable; a straightforward “check out our new diary post” with a special link every day gets boring and is unattractive.

Automation conjointly helps detached your posts over the course of every day or 2, instead of stacking them up once you’re out there to be writing them. Posting many updates regarding associate current contest, as an example, helps you reach audiences once they’re on-line at totally different times, and it spreads out your updates thus users don’t filter them as spam.

There area unit a number of totally different tools you’ll use to automatise your posts, thus confirm to choose the simplest one for your desires.


Some marketers can tell you that’s it’s a decent plan to automatise a number of additional direct tasks. For example; causation an on the spot message to any new follower on Twitter, or a Facebook message to anyone World Health Organization follows you on Facebook. Another dangerous example is automating a response when a user posts on your wall.

You’ve in all probability seen it before, notably on sites like Yelp, wherever negative comments will show up. Some businesses can mechanically reply with a kind response on every occasion a review is announce with but three stars. If there’s solely a number of negative reviews, this is often acceptable; it’s natural and it reaches intent on discontented users.

It’s once you have a bigger variety of negative reviews that things begin to seem unhealthy. a large vary of individuals with a large vary of problems area unit posting negative reviews, and you’re responding to any or all of them identically. This simply furthers the unhealthy name of wanting such as you don’t care. Automating responses to your follower comments is one amongst the worst items of social media recommendation around.

On Twitter, you’ll depart with mechanically following anyone World Health Organization follows you. On Facebook, you ought to ne’er commit to just like the pages of individuals World Health Organization follow you; it will get untidy and it serves no sensible purpose. an equivalent goes for feeling any comment that’s announce on your page.

You should conjointly avoid mechanically sharing content from a 3rd party. If there’s a business you prefer and you systematically share their posts, it’s going to seem to be a decent plan to automatise the method. What happens, then, if they post one thing directly insulting your business or avowal associate opinion you disagree with? You post associate automatic endorsement while not really vetting the content. It’s simply mendicancy for hassle.

The Twitter-Facebook Link

Twitter and Facebook play well along, however that doesn’t mean you ought to automatise everything between the 2. It’s straightforward to require to post your tweets on Facebook or your Facebook updates on Twitter, however the 2 formats aren’t all that compatible.

For one factor, hashtags area unit a haul. They’re terribly helpful on Twitter, however they’re next to trifling on Facebook. victimization them on Facebook simply causes you to look out of bit.

Automation may be a robust tool once used properly, however you would like to recollect to not take it too so much. If you begin to seem like your profiles area unit managed by robots, you’re about to lose out on the foremost vital a part of social media; engagement.