What Steps to require possession of a Facebook Business Page

There ar variety of various reasons why your business might have already got a Facebook page while not your information. perhaps you have got a physical location and an area was created, that was then unified into a Page. perhaps some worker created one however it had been ne’er used. perhaps somebody lay the page. In any case, you have got 2 options; take possession of the present Page for your business, or produce a brand new Page.

Creating a brand new Page could be a valid choice if the present Page has little content and few followers. you would possibly have plenty of labor earlier than you pruning that page down and repurposing it for your current campaigns. making a brand new Page enables you to begin from scratch and merge the recent page.

On the opposite hand, if the present page includes a cheap quantity of content and followers – like once you ran it antecedently however lost the power to care it for a few reason – convalescent possession or taking it over is also the simplest choice.

Taking possession of AN Existing Page

The most common supply of AN existing empty page for your Business is that if you have got a physical location and somebody else uses native geographic locating to see in to your business. If you don’t have already got a Page, that user inputs some info and a basic Page is formed. within the past, this was an area, however Places are replaced by Pages and every one existing Places were unified into Pages.

Thankfully, these Pages don’t have a current owner and you’re able to take possession of them in a very few easy steps.

Visit the Page. On the page are a gear icon for management
You will be prompted to enter some info concerning your business. this is often the essential profile info you’d have had to input once making the Page from scratch likewise. Enter it and submit for verification.
Verify your possession. you’ll try this in 2 ways; through email or with documentation. the e-mail route is easy, however it needs that you simply have a Facebook account registered to AN email from your business. as an example, [email protected] would work, whereas [email protected] wouldn’t. If you can’t use email verification, you want to scan and transfer documentation for your business, like a utility bill, business license or tax documentation. The document should show your business name and address.
Once you have got finished the verification method, you’ll be granted admin standing over the Page in question. you’ll begin to fill out the profile and post content to draw in new users. Any followers United Nations agency had antecedently checked in with the Page are transferred to your new Page, thus you’ll begin with a base of users.


Sometimes you can’t follow the higher than method to require over AN existing Page. this could happen for one amongst 2 reasons. the primary reason is that somebody else claimed possession already; this is often doable, tho’ not essentially common. it should be that somebody else runs a business with a similar name as yours, and has established their own Page. you’ll not be able to claim this Page, nor do you have to. If it’s blank or mostly unused, you’ll claim it.

The other reason would be if you had AN existing Page and your social manager left for a few reason or another. It’s doable that you simply lost access to your Page as a result of such a happening. In these cases, you’ll have to be compelled to follow a method to recover possession of the Page.

Fortunately, the method is less complicated than it’s to say possession of AN existing Page while not AN owner. sadly, it are often longer intense.

Ask the previous social manager. It’s doable that they merely forgot they were the sole ones with the username and positive identification. If you can’t contact them or they refuse to offer you management, you’ll take into account if action could be a chance. In some cases, however, legal choices don’t seem to be offered. Proceed to the Facebook administration methodology.
Visit the page and click on the gear icon to ascertain settings and choices. during this menu, click “report page.” underneath report reason, embody a quick, factual account of things with a minimum of emotional language. You’re telling Facebook the facts, not making an attempt to persuade a subjective choose.
If you have got not detected back among every week, encourage different users to try to to a similar factor. It’s doable that the page simply hasn’t received enough reports to achieve the eye of the Facebook security team. Once they notice, you ought to be able to have your positive identification reset.
In order to stop future similar problems, make certain to alter the positive identification and, if doable, username on your Admin account. this can secure the highest level account against intrusion. From this time forward, make certain anyone you set up to speed of the page is at most a Content Creator and not a Manager.. It mustn’t be doable to lose management over your account a second time.

Creating a brand new Page

The process for making a Page is easy and well-documented. If your previous Page wasn’t established otherwise you cannot gain management over it in how, you will have to be compelled to produce a brand new page. Once you have got a brand new Page, you’ll decide to merge your new Page and also the existing Page into one Page underneath your management. to try to to this:

On your new Page – the Page you would like to stay – click the gear settings icon and click on the Merge Pages -> Merge Duplicate Pages choices. this can show a listing of Pages Facebook identifies as duplicates of your current Page.
Click the check box next to any Page you would like to merge into your own.
Click the Merge Pages button to accsess the merger.
This method can merge the followers and check-ins for every Page, however that’s all.. All you save ar your connections.

If you would like to save lots of content, do thus before initiating a merger. you’ll try this with third party tools to transfer your post history. don’t build a selection you can’t take back.

If the Page you would like to merge isn’t listed, sadly, it means that you can’t merge the pages and can have to be compelled to take different steps to recover the Page