What will Your Engagement Tell You regarding Your Tweets?

Twitter may be a complicated platform, despite the strict character limits. There’s plenty happening once you post a tweet. World Health Organization sees it? World Health Organization links to it? World Health Organization retweets it, manually or automatically? World Health Organization adds thereto or responds to it? Your engagement metrics square measure vital, and that they will tell you plenty regarding however you’re functioning on the platform.

No One is Manually Retweeting

There square measure 2 styles of retweets on Twitter. Automatic retweets square measure once a user clicks one button and your tweet shows up in their feed. It’s your tweet, complete along with your image, and it’s indicated by a inexperienced icon showing it’s a retweet. Manual retweets square measure once the user copies and pastes what you had to mention, at intervals quotes, prefaced by RT:. this enables them to feature one thing to the tweet, or just have your tweet show up with their face thus it’s a lot of tantalising to their twitter followers. within the past, Twitter didn’t have the automated retweet system, creating manual RTs the thanks to go.

If nobody is manually RTing your tweets, it’s a signal you will have a problem. during this case, the problem is doubtless length. See, with the automated system in situ, there’s no mechanical reason to manually RT. There square measure promoting reasons, sure; keeping your image an equivalent on your feed, etc. However, many folks still manually RT for one reason; they will add a couple of words of statement to a tweet. at intervals the one hundred forty character limit, it’s a tough issue to incorporate statement at intervals a retweet.

In order to facilitate manual retweets, you must attempt to stay your tweet length beneath a hundred and ten characters. this provides enough area for one or two of words, if a user desires to manually retweet your message with a further comment or hashtag.


Engagement is very important to live, however on Twitter, it are often everywhere the place. It’s plenty more durable to schedule your tweets whereas maintaining the illusion of a lively poster. Your engagement are going to be everywhere the place; smart tweets have less than expected engagement, whereas sub-par tweets on the face of it start off.

One potential reason for spiking engagement is that the varied times you post once you’re posting organically. If you’re not being attentive, you would possibly not notice that your posts on weekends receive quite an bit a lot of engagement. you furthermore may won’t understand the temporal order trends for your audience. Remember, each audience is completely different. Location, career, interests Associate in Nursingd a number of different factors play a neighborhood in deciding once an audience is most active. you wish to live their activity and take a look at to schedule your tweets around peak hours.

Your Followers Don’t Care

If your tweets aren’t attention-grabbing, your followers won’t care regarding them. this implies each engagement metric are going to be low. You won’t see retweets, In fact, you would possibly even see it decrease. Posting content too usually can drive some users away, whereas others can unfollow you after they understand they haven’t seen something you’ve same in weeks.

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The ethical of the story is to stay active, however not too active. make certain your tweets square measure all extremely attention-grabbing and valuable. Contribute to a discussion, increase a cause, give one thing of interest. Here square measure a bunch of wonderful tips to creating your tweets awful.

Your Conversations Splinter

Twitter has a problem with cross-conversations. It’s straightforward to own Associate in Nursing current spoken communication with one cluster in one hashtag, and another similar spoken communication with another cluster following another tag. Users find yourself talking past one another while not reading posts from one another, as a result of they don’t see them.

This can significantly be a tangle if you’re over-using hashtags. Remember, every hashtag is Associate in Nursing current discussion. If you’re attempting to place one tweet into 10 hashtags, foremost you’re aiming to run out of area for your message. Secondly, you’ll realize disparate responses that square measure onerous to follow.

[email protected]

Sometimes, you’ll realize all of your engagement metrics square measure nice and high, except one; your direct mentions. Why would possibly this be?

One potential answer is that you’ve been ignoring them. Remember, a mention isn’t a unidirectional road; it’s a user hoping to draw in your attention. If they were simply throwing a comment out there, they may save themselves one precious character by deed off the @. Instead, they by choice wished your attention. It’s your job to reply to it attention and inquire into their comment. typically this is often simply an easy thanks. typically it’s a client service outcry. typically it’s Associate in Nursing insult you don’t got to legalize with a response, although in terribly, terribly rare occasions you’ll reply to the ridiculous with one thing a lot of ridiculous to change your whole.

The same holds true with direct messages, although you don’t got to do something however ignore them. You will get nothing from responding to them privately, except the potential unwell can if you say one thing you shouldn’t and it comes out.

Your Tweets square measure Flat

Every engagement metric are often bolstered with a number of an equivalent bits of recommendation. You should, for instance, create a lot of use of pictures. Twitter and Instagram converge all right, and you’ll share Instagram pictures on Twitter with a minimum quantity of effort. Links are vital, and no, a hashtag doesn’t count. Twitter may be a restricted platform, thus obtaining individuals to depart it briefly can have them coming to share it with their friends. you must conjointly embody animated pictures, either in gif or video kind, infrequently. You don’t need to flood your users with multimedia system, however the occasional piece is incredibly useful.

You should conjointly stand back from any of the smallest amount participating words on Twitter. the thought here is that you just need to be human, however not thus human you’re boring. These words square measure usually completely banal, and add little to a tweet.

Measuring Engagement

Twitter analytics may be a superb suite, and it’s plenty of supplementary utility with different suites accessible. SEOChat contains a smart list of tools you’ll use to live your engagement. Timing, content, frequency, engagement; you’ll see all of them. Remember; information is power. The a lot of information you provide yourself, the a lot of powerful you’ll build your whole to become.