Where I can sent my facebook refferal traffic

Using Facebook to drive traffic to your web site is one in every of the foremost common goals, however astonishingly few individuals really knowledge to trace their

referrals. wherever are you able to live your incoming traffic, and what data will you learn concerning it?
Google Analytics

The most powerful supply of data concerning your referral traffic you have is Google Analytics. It’s easy to put in and it shows you a depth of data you won’t find in

the other singular tool. It doesn’t show you everything. That simply makes it higher. GA shows you everything you wish to grasp and plenty you don’t, and if there’s

data you wish that it won’t show, you’ll be able to simply obtain a specialised analytics tool for that individual purpose.
Google Analytics – Traffic Sources – Referrals

In the pane that greets you once you log in to Google Analytics, you’ll see a date within the upper corner. By default, this is often the foremost recent day, that is

what you’re presumably to require to envision at a look. Your 1st order of business are to line this to the date vary you wish to envision. it’d be simply the last

twenty four hours. it’d be the last week, or the last month, or a month previous. In any matter, set it first.

Next, click the traffic sources, sources, and referrals buttons on the left side, increasing every field successively. this can show you the sources of traffic for

that given vary of dates, together with the amount of users, the pages per visit per user, the length of their visits and a few alternative data. within the higher

bar, type Facebook within the search. this can narrow you all the way down to two sources, typically; and also the mobile web site.

How are you able to use this information? For one, it shows you the raw numerical information for the amount of tourists you bought from Facebook. It’s not different

by post or date inside your date vary, however, thus it’s largely simply helpful for a data point. you’ll be able to conjointly see however your mobile and desktop

traffic compare. If your mobile statistics area unit considerably lower, you will have a retardant. 1/2 all Facebook traffic overall comes from mobile; if you’re not

hovering around 50/50, or 60/40 in favor of desktop, you will have a mobile drawback.
Google Analytics – Traffic Sources – Social – Network Referrals

Much like the previous filter, the primary factor you wish to line is your date vary. From there, dig down through the traffic sources bar into social network


This information can show you one or two of handy charts that show you ways your traffic is trending, together with any spikes that will coincide with notably valuable

or microorganism posts. the particular meat of the info is within the table below. Google Analytics shows you the social network, the amount of visits, the amount of

pageviews, the amount of pages per visit and also the visit length.

You can use this to envision that social networks area unit most dear to you and that area unit underperforming. There area unit some attention-grabbing “social

networks” listed in Google Analytics, together with WordPRess and Yelp, which is able to generally have low counts. Don’t worry concerning them. One factor of note is

that this kind will not differentiate between desktop and mobile versions; it can show a combined total of each Facebook and Facebook Mobile.
Google UTM Parameters

Google’s UTM parameters area unit additions to a URL that offer you further pursuit, and that they area unit however you phase your traffic supported that link a user

clicks to go to your web site. You will see them in several selling URLs once you click them. Generally you’ll see three parameters in an exceedingly URL; utm_source,

utm_campaign and utm_medium.

To use Google’s UTM parameters simply, you’ll be able to use the Google URL Builder tool. 3 parameters area unit needed to build a URL, the 3 listed on top of. There

area unit 2 further parameters you’ll be able to use for additional divided pursuit, must you need.


Source. UTM_source may be a fast one-word description of the supply of the link click. For Facebook, you’d terribly probably simply input Facebook within the field.

Any link you post on Facebook, through your news feed, apps or ads, would use constant supply. supply would dissent once you post a link on, say, Twitter, Google+,

YouTube or AdWords.
Medium. UTM_medium may be a descriptor of the sort of link. For Facebook, you’d most likely need to specify PPC, ProfileLink, AppLink, NewsFeed or the other explicit

medium you wish to specify. You can type anything you want in the field, farewell as you have got something; a descriptive name is simply additional useful for pursuit

and recording the data later.
Term. UTM_term is one in every of the elective parameters you’ll be able to specify. It’s best used with PPC ads. If you’re running multiple identical ads on Facebook,

every targeting a special keyword, use this parameter to differentiate between keywords.
Content. UTM_content is that the alternative elective parameter and works constant approach as Term. If you’re running multiple ads with constant system and same term,

you’ll be able to use this to differentiate between them.
Name. UTM_campaign is that the name of your campaign, just enough. If you’re running many synchronal ad campaigns victimisation totally different bodies and pictures

and for various functions, you’ll be able to name every campaign overall in order that they is simply classified along.

One factor to notice is that your parameters aren’t hidden; any user will read the URL once they need clicked it to envision your parameters. Don’t name your

parameters something you wouldn’t need your users to envision. In order to prune these long URLs for posting in plaintext, it’s a good idea to use a URL shortener that

won’t drop them.
Google Analytics – @Traffic [email protected] –@ [email protected] – Campaigns

This drill down into Google Analytics – once the date is set, in fact – is that the filter you utilize to envision statistics concerning your individual campaigns. Any

campaign named with a UTM_campaign parameter goes to point out over here. Do note that campaigns area unit case sensitive once you build them; capitalizing the name

once and effort it lowercase yet again can build 2 totally different campaigns for pursuit the info.

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