Why Running a Contest will Boost Your Fan Engagement

Contests square measure often hailed mutually of the most effective ways that to extend fan engagement offered on Facebook nowadays. They aren’t artificial, paid techniques that fall off after you stop paying. They’re entirely organic, they unfold naturally and also the engagement you earn is simply that; attained. It’s not one thing anyone will deduct from your page. That’s all simply the tip of the engagement iceberg. What, precisely, square measure the advantages of running a Facebook contest?

Contests Attract New Users

If a store you had ne’er been to before was giving freely a free piece of furnishings, or a free pc, or a free gift card, would you stop in and investigate? the general public would. It’s identical philosophy behind contests run on Facebook. New users square measure planning to hear concerning your contest, either from recent users or from your advertising, and they’re planning to stop by to visualize it out.

This means, however, that you simply ought to give a prize designed to draw in the correct quite users. If you’re giving freely a portable computer, you’re planning to be attracting folks that wish laptops. If you’re ordinarily an organization that sells blogging software system, those individuals aren’t essentially in your target demographic. That’s why several Facebook contests have a product or gift card to the corporate running the competition because the prize; the individuals getting into square measure folks that wish the prize.

Contests Bring Back recent Users

Contests tend to be simple to share for AN magnified infective agent reach. this can be additional necessary than ever within the present time, wherever Facebook has done what it will to decrease organic reach to emphasise paid reach. infective agent reach – wherever users share your content on their own – could be a metric Facebook can’t management.

Often times the folks that who see your posts square measure friends with people who follow your page, although they aren’t all cross-networked thus nicely. Even so, whenever a user shares your contest announcement or app, they need a decent probability of exposing the post to an admirer of yours UN agency didn’t get the message originally.

Combine this with a trifle paid promotion and an advertisement campaign each on- and off-Facebook, and you’ll reach as near 100 percent of your followers as it’s ever attainable to try and do of late.

Contests Spur Page Discussion

Even the foremost basic contest, one that needs permitting AN app access to a private profile to enter and zilch else, goes to spur some discussion. after you post concerning the competition, you’ll have some individuals coming back to discuss the prize, some to discuss the competition temporal order, some to thanks for running it, some to whine concerning however they ne’er win anything; in brief, a wealth of engagement.

On one hand, this offers you an excellent probability to have interaction with fans. Responding to their comments can facilitate herald even additional comments. you may even encounter a matter that you simply extremely ought to answer in public however didn’t suppose to incorporate within the contest description.

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On the opposite hand, you don’t essentially ought to care concerning the content of the comments the least bit. the purpose is, they’re comments. Comments square measure engagement, and timely engagement on Facebook will increase EdgeRank. magnified EdgeRank results in additional visibility on your posts. each comment, even negative comments – ciao because the user doesn’t block your page afterward – could be a smart comment in terms of EdgeRank.

Contests will need Likes

If each comment could be a smart little bit of engagement to profit EdgeRank, thus is each like. Contests of late usually need a trifle quite simply following your page to enter. Share a post, use an app, sort of a post, add a comment to a picture; they’re all valid ways that to bolster engagement through the competition application. Users can do what they have to for the prize.

You do ought to bear in mind that the additional you have got a user do, the additional valuable the prize needs to be to induce them to try and do it. Anyone and everybody can sort of a post for an opportunity at $1,000. a duplicate of your $10 ebook won’t attract as several users. solely atiny low few individuals can share a post and add a comment for that ebook, however the gift card can attract them to try and do simply that and additional.

In general, it’s a far better plan to run a smaller contest with one variety of engagement because the demand, instead of a large contest that tries to try and do everything directly. this can be as a result of you’ll be able to then rotate and run another contest succeeding month, targeting a unique variety of engagement. perhaps this month they have to love your page to enter, and perhaps next month they have to transfer your app.

Contests will Network With different Social Media Sites

One of the foremost common social contest apps offered nowadays has choices for many sorts of further entry. If all it takes to enter the competition is feeling a page, it’s simple for users to enter, however it doesn’t add the maximum amount to your page because it may. You can, however, tempt users to different sorts of engagement with ex gratia further contest entries.

One common addition, for instance, is to follow your Twitter name and checks your follower feed to create positive it’s gift, so awards many additional entries into the competition. Add 2 or 3 other ways to realize further entries and users can collapse themselves attempting to attain their probabilities to win your product.

Again, you are doing ought to concentrate to the relative worth of your prize. additional users can choose the ex gratia entries if the prize is value their time.

Winners square measure Word of Mouth Advertising

When a user wins a contest, they’re planning to tell their friends. after they tell their friends, they’re advertising your contest and your business. after they get their reward, they’re planning to place it to use, and they’re planning to tell individuals this further. In general, the competition winner goes to be an excellent supply of infective agent advertising, notably if they’re glad along with your product because the prize. It’s only if they win and realize the result dissatisfactory that it will flip against you.

Contests square measure Infinitely repeatable

If you’re giving freely a product, you’ll be able to spare one sale’s value per month, will’t you? That’s however contests can continue indefinitely. each month, provide a prize, however modification up what’s needed to enter. perhaps have a caption contest one month, a high score in an exceedingly game app succeeding and a photograph contest succeeding. attempt to not let your contests get stale.

On the positive facet, an everyday contest will facilitate herald returning engagement. Users UN agency followed your page for a contest and didn’t win usually chuck your page and don’t trouble to return back. If they recognize they need an opportunity each month, they’ll be additional doubtless to return back and have interaction in different components of your page.